Rome Will Have 200 Electric-Car Charge Points Installed by Enel and Acea image

The city of Rome, Enel and Acea closed a deal to boost sustainable mobility by installing 200 electric vehicle charging stations.

Both the local power company Acea SpA (ACE) and Italy’s biggest utility Enel SpA will install 100 charging stations each in the capital city. Enel had lready installed recharge points as part of the E-Mobility Italy project. Drivers can use both companies’ charging points by using a single card and billing will be handled by drivers’ respective power companies.

The project, aimed at establishing a large charging infrastructure, will also introduce a one-of-a-kind pilot scheme formed as part of the co-operation between Acea and Enel, in which San Cosimato, served by the Acea distribution network, will be equipped with zero-emissions vehicles from Guidonia, a municipality served by the Enel Distribution.

By sharing interoperable recharge technology, Enel and Acea will be able to deliver considerable logistic and economic advantages, convincing many motorists who live outside Rome and work in the capital, and vice versa, to choose electric mobility. Rome aims at promoting e-mobility through an awareness-raising campaign to encourage municipal companies to switch to zero-emissions vehicles for their own fleets.