Romeo Ferraris to make insane 300 HP Abarth 500 image

When your name is Romeo Ferraris and you are a famous Italian tuner than your projects will most likely be successful and what can be a better vehicle to start modifying it than the popular Fiat 500. But not just any Fiat, an Abarth to be more exact and Romeo Ferraris will boost its power up to 300 horsepower.

Not too long ago, 300 horsepower was considered to be the sports car territory, proven by the Ferrari 348 with its V8 engine delivering 300 HP or even the Ford Mustang GT which was powered by a V8 with the same 300 HP, but the last one doesn’t count because it’s American and Americans obviously don’t know too much about squeezing more power from large engines.

But let’s get over that and talk about Ferraris’ Abarth 500 which will be more powerful than the Abarth Monza Special Edition (260 HP). The Abarth 500 made by Romeo Ferraris will have 300 HP, just as we said earlier, from the small 1.4 liter T-Jet engine.

Sadly we don’t know any extra details about the small and powerful car but the Abarth 500 should be in the spotlights this weekend, when it will be officially revealed on the Vallelunga circuit.

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