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As crazy as this may sound – we’ll give it another go: zombies will be the ones doing the driving in a post-apocalyptic world – given the involvement of George A. Romero, a legend among horror fans, we’re actually intrigued by this ‘Road Of The Dead’ film idea.

George A. Romero is a true legend among horror fans – having premiered the cult zombie idea in features such as the Night of the Living Dead and then following it up with developments such as the Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead. Zombies and the impending apocalypse have fascinated us all ever since, with examples such as The Walking Dead being cult hits in their own right in the modern age. George A. Romero Presents: Road of the Dead is the latest effort from the acclaimed director, and it seems the idea is to have zombie prisoners racing post-apocalyptic vehicles in a spectacle to entertain elites – a horror take on the Roman Coliseum.

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The script has been penned by Romero and Matt Birman, and the idea is one that has been brewing for more than a decade – Birman itself is known for flicks such as The Expanse, American Psycho, and X-Men. He suggests his latest idea combines Road Warrior, Rollerball, a Nascar race, and even Ben-Hur. And given Romero’s involvement, this shouldn’t be surprising. The info on the film is still scarce though – vehicles, cast, and characters will be detailed next month and the movie itself will premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal this July.