Romney Attacks Obama With an Ad about Ohio Auto Dealerships Closings image

During his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney released an ad that centers on Ohio’s job losses caused by Obama administration’s decision to make GM and Chrysler close more dealerships in 2009.

Mitt Romney said that GM “led by the Obama administration, closed over a thousand auto dealerships across the country. For these small businesses, hope and change was not so kind.”

The commercial shows an Ohio GM dealer, called Al Zarzour, that had to give up his dealership in Lyndhurst, Ohio when GM has to reduce its dealer network with almost 1,400 due to the 2009 bankruptcy restructuring. The ad was released exactly when President Obama is making his 25th visit to the state, considered a key battleground.

Obama has more than once drew attention on the $85 billion auto bailout on the Buckeye State and the fact that thousands of jobs were saved at Chrysler and GM’s facilities in Toledo, Lordstown and other places. Auto dealers in Ohio were also reminded that they now have 43,200 employees, compared to 41,000 in January 2009.

“Let’s get this straight — the very person who argued for the U.S. auto industry to go bankrupt is now trying to attack the president on how it was handled? This ad in Ohio is a new low for the Romney campaign,” Obama spokesman Frank Benanti said.