Romney’s Chrysler Statements Named ‘Lie of the Year’ image

Republican Mitt Romney’s statements regarding Chrysler’s Jeep production plans, named the 2012 Lie of the Year.

The unlikely distinction was given by PolitiFact, a major political fact-checking nonprofit project, to Mitt Romney, who, during the campaign in October said that Chrysler plans to transfer Jeep production from the SU to China, and therefore add jobs in the Asian country and cut jobs at home.

“Even though Jeep’s parent company gave a quick and clear denial, Mitt Romney repeated it and his campaign turned it into a TV ad,” PolitiFact wrote. “And they stood by the claim, even as the media and the public expressed collective outrage against something so obviously false.”

Romney accusations continued even if the automaker said that it plans to launch new Jeep production in China, but not a single job will be moved from the US, in fact, the company is expanding its operation in the country and in Michigan. Furthermore, Romney’s accusations regarding this issue came a day after Free Press published an online report according to which Chrysler has added 1,100 new employees at its Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit, which builds the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV.

But for the Romney campaign the speech in Ohio wasn’t enough and shortly TV and radio advertisements appeared with similar claims. But, this wasn’t enough either so Romney accused GM of using its US bailout to create jobs in China, another rootless lie.