Nov.5 (GMM/ Bernie Ecclestone on Wednesday said he is continuing to work hard to improve the F1 ‘show’.

The F1 supremo was speaking at Interlagos, where next weekend Brazilians will flock to the penultimate round of the season despite already knowing the outcome of the title battle.

Ecclestone agreed that 2015 has been too one-sided.

“We are changing some things to get people more interested again,” he is quoted by UOL, when asked about the current health and spectacle of F1.

“I think we need to give a better show than we are at the moment. I remember McLaren on their own (in the 80s) but at least they had two drivers fighting each other.

“In a way, (Lewis) Hamilton is so much in the public’s focus that no one cares about anyone else. I think it will improve in 2017 for sure,” Ecclestone said.

As for the fact that the title was decided with three full rounds remaining, he added: “We’ve seen it before with Schumacher or Vettel. But never like this.

“I don’t care that it finishes early because their (Mercedes’) car is better than the others, but I think Nico (Rosberg) could have done a better job this year.

“We saw in Mexico that he won the race easily, so he will come here trying to repeat it for sure, but a bit late,” he added.

  • Porciestreet

    Tossberg getting himself all excited about winning in Mexico…..Hmmm, bit late mate when both the constructors and drivers championships were resolved last week. Whingin little git should get out before he hurts himself.

  • D.Duck

    …..strong criticism but I have to say I mostly agree with you Porcie. I thought Nico might make a better fight of it this year but he didnt, so harsh words from me too, but he has had the worst of the luck as far as reliability and safety cars and on-track incidents this year,,,,,so maybe he will make a better job of avoiding those issues next year now hes been beaten 2x in a row. So I dont agree he should “get out before he hurts himself”…..hes as quick as Lewis as he proved last year by winning the first ever Pole Position Trophy. He just needs to get it done in dominant style on Sundays like he can.#:)