Roush and Carlex bring you the obvious Ford Mustang image

Owning one of the most iconic cars of all time – the Ford Mustang – might not be enough for everybody. But fret not, there are numerous solutions available.

For example, you could stand out even among spaceships with extraterrestrials when driving this. This was once a normal 2016 Ford Mustang GT using the naturally aspirated V8. It’s now a supercharged monster – the 5.0-liter engine now packs an ample 727 hp (542 kW) and 610 pound-feet (827 Newton-meters) of torque after Roush Performance fitted the R2300 TVS kit that unleashed another almost 300 hp (224 kW) and 210 lb-ft (285 Nm). And after all that, the customization didn’t end because the car went to Carlex Design for a personal makeover according to the customer’s wishes.

Roush and Carlex bring you the obvious Ford Mustang 4

This is how the two-tone red and white mix came to life both inside and out, but there’s also an American flag logo. Striking red leather upholstery has been fitted to the seats and door panels, while the dashboard was given a quilted tubular pattern that’s bespoke for this Mustang. The latter also has a handmade mustang motif on the passenger’s side – there’s also some white and a partially monochrome steering wheel for added contrast. We have no info on the modifications cost – but the Roush supercharger kit alone was $7,799.