Roush’s P-51 Mustang is a road dogfighter image

Roush’s new P-51 Mustang is not only a tribute to the famous WWII fighter plane, but also the aftermarket specialist’s most powerful project ever – with 727 horsepower on tap.

You can have the upgrade for $42,500 and you’ll be getting 727 horsepower (542 kilowatts), the title of the company’s most powerful vehicle to date, and all the bragging credentials possibly imaginable. Starting off as a Ford Mustang GT, the Roush P-51 Mustang gets treated to a Phase 2 2.3-liter Eaton TVS supercharger in order to also extract no less than 610 pound-feet (827 Newton-meters) of torque. Power is kept in check by the coilover suspension and upgraded half shafts, along with 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels and a performance brake package. The user can select either the manual or automatic transmission, and the package also comes with an adjustable exhaust system with a customizable sound profile.

Roush’s P-51 Mustang is a road dogfighter 1

While the system has three standard settings, the user can be even more aggressive with the exhaust note by using a downloadable app on their smartphone. The design comes with a complete new front end – bespoke grille, hand-painted P-51 badging, and a light carbon fiber front splitter. We also noticed bigger side skirts and scoops, a new hood, while inside there’s brown leather trim to honor the bomber jackets used by P-51 pilots, as well as a P-51 logo, a red shift knob, performance pedals, and a special limited-edition plaque. Just 51 units will be produced for the 2017 model year.