The famous Mr. Bean actor seems to have another unlucky car incident, even though he’s a true aficionado and a damned good driver as well. This time around it wasn’t the McLaren F1 that suffered, as the comedian crashed a vintage model during a classic car race.

During this weekend’s 2014 Goodwood Revival, the 59-year-old actor and British TV icon was happily racing his powder blue 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint during the Shelby Cup. Fortunately for him the ensuing accident had no impact on his health, but the same can’t be said about the classic car though: a fellow racing rival, just two cars ahead lost control of his own ride and started spinning off the track. While the driver in front of Atkinson had the time to avoid the out-of control car, the actor wasn’t fortunate enough, instead hitting head-on the car and causing irreparable damage to his own ride in the process.

This is just the latest incident involving Mr. Bean’s – sorry Atkinson’s – rides, with the most famous being the two accidents he had in his prized McLaren F1. They happened in 1999 and 2011, with the latter charging a bill of £910,000 to the car’s insurer and putting the iconic ride off the road for around a year.

Via The Telegraph

Photo credit: Paul Grover / The Telegraph


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