Royal Mail has cute EV delivery trucks image

Who said electric work trucks – actually any work truck – had to look as boring as a brick clearly hasn’t met Britain’s Royal Mail new all-electric commercial vehicles.

Electric passenger vehicles are still in their infancy – even with Tesla sporting large ranges and others set to follow suite – but work routes in a city can be served quite well by electric commercial vehicles, as one can adequately prepare charges as not to be hit with range anxiety. The Royal Mail service in the UK is now undergoing trials with a new series of work trucks, coming in various sizes and taking the traditional boxy shape right into the future with quite an impressive and likeable design. The vehicles are the work of Arrival, a U.K.- based electric truck manufacturer stemming out of Banbury.

Royal Mail has cute EV delivery trucks 4

The Royal Mail will start operations with nine examples, with 3.8-ton to 8.2-ton cargo capacities. The electric trucks will only be operated to deliver mail between distribution centers, and come with an operating range of 100 miles. For now they are headquartered in London and with their deep red finish and contrasting large tinted cockpit they’ll surely be noticed – as well as compared to the well-known double-decker buses. According to Arrival CEO Denis Sverdlov, the trucks are “priced the same as diesel trucks,” meaning over the evaluation period the Royal Mail will not incur London’s congestion charges for gas and diesel-powered vehicles.