Royal wedding: Lexus LS 600h Landaulet unveiled image

Lexus unveiled today a unique, hybrid Lexus LS 600h Landaulet fitted with a one-piece transparent polycarbonate roof. The car will be used for the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco on 2 July.

Lexus said that the project took more than 2, 000 hours to complete, with a focus on maintaining the levels of quality and technological sophistication that are fundamental to Lexus, and preserving the performance, safety and dynamic attributes of the original LS 600h L.

Reinforcing the bodyshell required extensive use of honeycomb structures Kevlar and carbon fibre composite materials to achieve suitable chassis stiffness and torsional rigidity following the removal of the roof and pillars.

The roof is a single, lightweight polycarbonate shell that is 8mm thick and weighs just 26kg. Fixed to the body of the Lexus through two intermediary parts, it allows a perfect view in and out of the car.

On the day of the wedding the LS 600h Landaulet will be used by the royal couple to tour the principality after the marriage ceremony.

For most of this distance the car will operate in its fully electric mode, with zero tailpipe emissions. After the celebrations the car will be displayed at the Media Centre and later the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco.