Royal Wedding: Prince William drove the Aston Martin with handbrake on image

When Prince William borrowed his father’s beloved old Aston Martin to drive his new wife away from Buckingham Palace on their wedding day, the excitement apparently made him forget a basic rule of motoring. Release the handbrake.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards explained what happened during an interview for BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs show.

He recalled: ‘I was talking to Prince Charles about that and I said “did you mind him borrowing that car?” because he loves that car, it’s his birthday present from his mother for his 21st, and he said “No, he asked me if he could use it”.

‘I said “there seemed to be a problem driving it” and he said, “Yes, because he didn’t take the handbrake off”.’

The royal couple had borrowed Charles’s dark blue DB6 — decorated with balloons and fixed with a number plate that read “JU5T WED” — to drive to their new residence, Clarence House, as part of their wedding day celebrations.