Ruf Automobile GmbH, internationally well known manufacturer for high performance automobiles and the producer of the famous CTR-series is now introducing the first electrically powered sports car from Germany.  A electric Porsche 911.
Rumors about an electric Porsche from RUF were true, but the electric car will be base on a Porsche 911, not Cayman.

The maximum power output is around 204 hp if you translate it into combustion engine terms.
In direct connection to Volt and Ampere the maximum output level of 150 kW.  With such power, RUF’s electric Porsche accelerate from 0-100 in just 7 seconds. Top speed 225 km/h and 650 Nm torque.
The engine is powered by Axeon iron-phosphate, lithium-ion batteries who weight 5.6 kg and deliver 160 Ah each. This means each one could theoretically deliver 160 amperes of electricity for one hour under normal temperatures or 1 ampere for 160 hours. – Driving range approximately 250 – 320 km, depending on performance level.

Ruf porsche 911 electric full specifications




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