Rumor – Audi R8 entry-level still in the books image

An entry-level version of the new Audi R8 generation is still planned as this will come as a successor of the old 4.2l V8.

Ever since the new generation of the Audi R8 has been introduced earlier this year, voices have been speaking about a possible new entry-level version, which will come as a successor of the old model, equipped with the 4.2 liter naturally aspirated V8. Despite the 2016 model year bringing the updated 5.2 liter V10 naturally aspirated unit, the cheaper variant will not resurrect the 4.2 liter V8 as it is believed to gain a brand new engine which will not only come with two turbochargers but will also be more powerful.

According to CarMagazine, the model in question will be gaining a 2.9 liter bi-turbo under its hood and don’t act too surprised if this will become a best-seller in the segment because of the lower taxes, of the improved CO2 emissions and, of course, the better fuel consumption, especially in China, a huge market for exotic vehicles which has been affected by the massive taxes. Rumor has it that the new unit will be more powerful than the old R8 V8, which had 414 HP, as this is expected to get a total output of approximately 450 HP. A turbocharged version of the Audi R8 is still a few years away so don’t go rushing to your local dealership in order to place a deposit just yet.