Rumors: Audi Rs7 to have 600hp image

We just heard that the all new Audi RS7 that might come at the end of the year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, may put on the road around 600Hp.

Talking about it’s power, we also hear that Audi and Bentley are working together to develop an new V8 unit that will be found under the bonnet of future models belonging to both brands. That new V8 engine may be under the bonnet of the RS7.

Course, the new super sedan RS7 will feature audi’s latest quattro all wheel drive system, 19 or 20 inch alloy wheels, larger air intakes an adaptive air suspension and torque vectoring differential.
One thing is clear. With the next generations of the BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG destined to be some of the best luxury sedans ever, the RS7 needs to be superb if it wants to compete with such rarefied company.

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  • Dallas Ford

    Endore,. I am guessing MSRP will be around $80k or so. Trust me, people with this kind of money to spend on this car want power and high performance and most likely aren't too concerned with fuel consumption. That's the price you pay for a powerful car.