Rumors: Bugatti preparing 1,600-hp Veyron for 2013 Frankfurt motor show image

It’s hard to imagine anyone would need more power from a car than what a Bugatti Veyron has to offer.

Well, it seems Bugatti engineers think the Veyron can be improved in this area, so word is that the Molsheim-based carmaker is preparing a SuperVeyron, Automobile Mag writes.

The ultimate Veyron would have more horsepower, more carbon fiber and, as a result, a higher top speed. Behind the project is none other than Ferdinand Piech himself, who wants the SuperVeyron to develop 1,600 horsepower, from a beefed-up 8.0-liter unit or from a larger 9.6-liter engine. The tremendous power is enough to allow the W16-powered coupe to achieve a maximum speed of 288 mph (463 km/h), up from the standard model’s 259 mph (417 km/h).

Rumor has it that the SuperVeyron would be able to reach 100 km/h in 1.8 seconds, which would make it faster than Ferrari’s next Enzo and dangerously close to Formula 1 territory! Compared to the Veyron SuperSport W16, the SuperVeyron would be 250 kilograms lighter, tipping the scales at 1,600 kilograms, thus bringing the power-to-weight ratio at an unreal 1 kilogram per horsepower!

The car will have completely new front and rear ends and even more sophisticated active aerodynamics. Buying the world’s fastest car will cost potential buyers a whopping $2.5 million.