Russia and Serbia agree on export of Fiat cars image

When it comes to cars produced locally, Serbian exports to Russia have been impeded by the high custom taxes between the two countries. The situation, created because the negotiated free trade agreement did not include automobiles until now, could get an exemption.

According to Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, now has arisen the possibility for free exports from Serbia to Russia when it comes to a quota of the locally built Fiat brand models. This would be a change of heart from the Russian counterparts, as the Serbian government requested on other occasions in the past to change the free trade agreement to include vehicles coming from the domestic production.

After a visit in Serbia by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vucic said: “Good news for the people of Serbia. We will have a certain possibility to export a quota of Fiat (cars).” The Italian automaker has an assembly facility in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac, which started local production of the 500 family of models back I July 2012.

The Serbian economy has recently succumbed to negative results again and the move to liberalize auto trading between the two countries could be a big boost for the ailing economy, which has been largely supported by Fiat exports to the European Union and United States.

Via Automotive News Europe