Russia: BMW painted pink for illegal parking image

Curious cameras have caught a Russian man painting in pink a BMW 5-Series out of revenge after its owner has parked it on the pavement, so if you ever go there, be careful where you park your car, Paris Hilton might end up loving its color.

Remember the tank versus a Mercedes-Benz in Lithuania? Well this is actually the same because after what seems to be a Lithuanian mayor went over a Mercedes-Benz with a tank as a punishment for parking it on a bicycle lane, an angry Russian decided to take the problem into its own hands and decided to change a car’s color after its owner has parked it on the pavement.

Russia is one strange country and besides its billionaires who prefer going from A to B in their private helicopters and once they get behind the wheel they kill people who are legally crossing the street, it also has men like the one in the pictures who like putting some color into a “dull” world.

Sadly we don’t have more details about the man who painted a BMW but if you do, don’t hesitate to tell us. Meanwhile you can watch the two images below. Enjoy! Or not!