Russia: Car sales down 52% in October image

In October 2009, Russia’s sales of cars decreased by 52 per cent to 116,700 units, news agency Prime Tass yesterday said quoting the Automobile Manufacturers Committee at the Association of European Business (AEB)

The country’s best-selling foreign manufacturer General Motors Co. fell particularly sharply, while Volkswagen AG (VOW.XE), which opened a factory last year, fared better than its peers.

Company             Oct 09      Oct 08     Change
AvtoVAZ             28,211      56,699      -50%
General Motors       9,000      31,263      -71%
Volkswagen           7,115      12,286      -42%
Ford                 5,648      14,796      -62%
Nissan               4,604       9,537      -52%
Renault              6,221       8,707      -29%

According to Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee David Thomas, the market in October showed the level of sales comparable with the same period of 2008 and this September, which testified to its continued stabilisation, although its was far less than in 2008.