Russia gets the Polo Sedan GT, packs 1.4 TSI image

The German supermini is almost just as iconic as the Golf, so no wonder certain markets get models with its moniker – case in point the sedan available in Russia.

While not available in Western Europe, the Polo Sedan is model that has been selling well in Russia and it recently got enhanced with a GT version. The new Polo GT Sedan is treated to a 1.4-liter turbo which has 125 horsepower – not exactly Gran Touring credentials, but then again the Polo has no pretensions to compete on the racetrack. This exact version is also not available on the European Polo – which only goes with the Polo BlueGT and has the 1.4 TSI deliver 150 hp. The Russian Polo GT Sedan is treated to the usual gearbox mix: six speed manual treated to aluminum pedal set and the seven-speed DSG for those that spend a lot of time in crappy traffic.

Russia gets the Polo Sedan GT, packs 1.4 TSI 7

In terms of design, the Polo GT Sedan looks like a shrunk facelifted Jetta, due to the already known LED daylights and xenon headlights from the Polo GTI. But VW also throws in a new bumper and honeycomb grille accents, GT badges on the front wings, as well as a carefully crafted rear end with dffuser, two exhaust pipes and, what do you know, even new taillights. LED tech is there, most likely and the 16 inch alloy wheels complete the pretty picture. The interior looks like a toned down version of the Polo GTI and the first 300 units will also come with a standard white paint with black stripes, akin to the Scirocco GTS.