A 35-year old Russian doctor arrived in a loan car to pick up his own car, but was told he had to wait 20 minutes.

According to different sources, Dr. Michael waited for somewhere between 20 minutes and several hours, and then got back into his loan car, a Suzuki Grand Vitara to trash the showroom.

CCTV cameras inside capture the moment he bulldozes his way into the building, which is filled with customers, and proceeds to smash into the vehicles on display.

According to the Huffington Post, three brand new cars were written off and initial figures suggest the damage is more than £20,000.

Luckily for everyone inside, the support beam holding up the second floor of the shopping plaza housing the dealership didn’t go down despite the beating it took.

The dealership, Pelican Cars, said the doctor’s outburst last Friday was inexplicable.

The man was arrested and now faces several criminal charges.


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