Have you lately watched the political developments around Vladimir Putin’s moves for Russia? If you are still not convinced he was following the pages of the old – Soviet – Mother Russia textbook, here’s another hint.

Moscow has decided to order its top officials to go back to the good and faithful Russian produced limousines – part of a series of moves that seek to aid the ailing domestic industry, which was hit by a slowdown in the country’s economy and by the Western sanctions over the Ukrainean crisis.

“We have drafted a resolution that bans the state and municipal purchase of certain types of foreign-made equipment and vehicles, notably such conspicuous issues as the purchase of vehicles for officials,” the government’s website quoted Medvedev. “I hope this will help maintain the necessary balance on the market and ultimately satisfy the demand for these services.”

Yes, according to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who just signed an order to cap the number of imported cars for state and municipal officials, the top brass may soon be compelled to give up their sleek, black and armored Mercedes’ for some home-produced cars. In truth, although the German limousine is not produced in Russia – and it’s usually the car of choice for many government officials – it’s unlikely for them to return to the Soviet era ZIls and Volgas, as today many foreign brands locally produce their cars.

Via Reuters


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