Russian Supersonic Bomber Passes a Few Yards Over the Motorway image

Drivers were left open-mouthed after a Russian bomber passed at supersonic speed over the motorway, just a few yards from the ground.

One of the drivers even made a short video with a dashboard camera in an undisclosed rural location. The video shows a Russian airforce Su-24 Cold War bomber and it was posted on YouTube in August. It immediately drew attention and sparkled intense debates on whether the video is fake or genuine. Usually the sonic boom from an aircraft travelling at supersonic speeds is heard after the plane has passed. On the video the boom is heard before it passes over the car.

This lead skeptics to believe that the video is a fake, but they haven’t taken into consideration that this slightly out of sync is a common problem at dashboard recordings. The plane, also known as ‘Fencer’, was manufactured during the 1950s at the peak of the cold war.

  • skeptic

    you idiots – if this was supersonicyou would barely even see it pass by at that altitude.

    • John Tamny

      The Sukhoi Su-24 is a supersonic – is Mach 1.35

      • Mike

        in my opinion at that moment it has only 600 – 800 km.h …..