Russians love Hummer, sales up 111% in May image

According to Automotive News, Hummer was the only brand in Russia to post a month-on-month sales increase for the month of May, with sales rising 111.5 percent, which amounts to – wait for it! – 129 vehicles.

Although that sales figure is low, the bruised and battered Hummer brand can use all the good news that comes its way. Before the recession, Russia was considered one of several markets – along with China – ready to explode. Those expectations have been put on hold as sales in the country have been in freefall through the recession, with sales down 47 percent through May.

Hummer, meanwhile, is one of just six brands with positive sales in Russia through May. Cadillac, Citroen, Infiniti, Seat and Volkswagen are the other brands that haven’t slipped into decline yet so far this year. Hummer sales are up 86.6 percent for the first five months of the year, with total sales of 614 units. Every other brand suffered double-digit declines.

Americans, meanwhile, continue to shun the former icon of prosperity. Hummer has sold just 5114 vehicles in the U.S. through May, down 63.7 percent compared with the same time period last year. GM hopes to sell the Hummer brand to Chinese industrial company Sichuan Tengzhong before the end of the year.