Russia’s Lada readying Vesta Cross Concept image

According to the most recent rumor coming from Russia, the country’s largest automaker – AvtoVAZ – will have the Lada brand introduce a completely new concept, the Vesta Cross.

The setting for the reported introduction is an upcoming off-road show taking place in the capital city Moscow somewhere at the end of the month. Lada is the bestselling brand in Russia but even they need all the help they can get from popular new models introductions. That’s because the country – once tipped to surpass Germany as Europe’s largest auto market – has seen its economy collapse under the brunt of sliding oil prices and the western sanctions introduced as a response of Moscow’s implication in the Ukrainian crisis. Automakers have braced for major losses in Russia after the local currency plunged and they had to increase prices even as consumers were growing weary of big ticket purchases.

The Lada brand is confident, according to numerous official declarations, that using a carefully planned strategy to introduce new models will help them steer through the recession. Details on the new Vesta Cross are scarce, but it appears it will be a rugged variation for the station wagon body featuring numerous styling variations. We bet on black plastic body panels and a beefed up suspension. An all-wheel drive system is yet unknown, though if the model remains affordable it would probably be on offer as an optional. Meanwhile, the upcoming Vesta sedan is known to sport under the hood a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine delivering 87, 106 or 114 bhp.

Via Avtovzglyad

Note: Lada Vesta sedan pictured