Saab Automobile Parts to open new subsidiary in Michigan image

Saab Automobile Parts AB is launching a new parts subsidiary called North America Distribution Services Inc.

Saab Automobile Parts North America joins similar independent companies established in Great Britain and Sweden that serve an estimated 70 percent of the world’s Saab owners.
Saab Automobile Parts, which is not part of the bankruptcy process that shut down the company’s vehicle making unit, also provides technical support to about 1,200 workshops globally.

The new North American subsidiary will be based out of Michigan, although it isn’t immediately clear where the company’s facilities will be located or how many people it will employ. The company says it warehouses about 70,000 parts and is capable of churning out some 30,000 order lines per day.

The idea is that the new company is working on three fronts to ensure a steady supply of parts to Saab owners. First, it’s acquiring existing parts owned by Saab Automobile.

Second, it has signed contracts to secure parts from Saab’s network of suppliers. And more interestingly, it has “signed an agreement to use Saab’s press and body shop to manufacture replacement body parts”.

The North American market remains the single biggest market for Saab cars with roughly half a million examples still in use on American and Canadian roads, according to Saab Automobile Parts AB’s CEO Lennart Stahl.