Saab: Brightwell Holdings: ““We are interested in the whole company” image

Turkish private investment company Brightwell Holdings said it wants the the whole company, not just small components.

“We are interested in the whole company, not just small components or the brand,“ said Brightwell board member Zarnier Ahmed to Swedish business paper Dagens Industri (DI).

Ahmed and Brightwell are now waiting to hear from the two official Saab bankruptcy receivers to initiate negotiations.

However, in a bid to slash some of Saab’s prohibitive European costs, Brightwell could place a substantial proportion of component sourcing outside Europe and in Turkey, although final production would probably remain in Sweden, just-auto reports.

The Swedish car maker was declared bankrupt by a court in December, ending a nine-month battle by its Dutch owner, Swedish Automobile NV, to stay afloat. It has not made any vehicles since April and several rescues have failed.

Saab was a niche producer, operating in a volatile and ultra-competitive industry in which a couple of dud models can devastate a company. For Europe’s carmakers as a whole, however, the question remains whether Saab’s demise is merely an omen of a bigger industry shake-out that may come to pass in 2012.

More than 200 Saab engineers are reportedly being recruited by a technology consultancy company that has been founded in Trollhattan after the Swedish automaker declared bankruptcy.

  • Antonio

    Turkish & Swedish SAAB Production will be great and more Cost efficient, that why i say its the Best Match for Europe. Myself is halg turkish and half Venice (italian) guy and i'm very succesfully and efficient as well :)))