Saab Cars North America Heritage Collection to be Sold image

Although Saab’s Bilmuseum in Trollhättan recently avoided dissolution , the Saab Cars North America Heritage Collection are to be auctioned in a 10-car lot on Friday, February 10th, not sharing the museum’s lucky fate. Since the cars are to be sold as one lot of 10 vehicles, there’s a high change that another museum or collector will buy them and put them on display for the public.

The collection, which was kept out of public display in Michigan, features some pretty awesome cars. The first one is a restored 1952 model 92 sedan 25hp with transverse-mounted two-cylinder, two-stroke engine and column-shifted three-speed manual transmission, the second is a rare 94 Sonett Super Sport from 1956 powered by a 748cc two-stroke three-cylinder engine making 57.5hp, the third is a restored sporty 1960 93F GranTurismo 750 with twin-carbureted 45hp, 748cc three-cylinder engine, the fourth is Erik Carlsson’s famous Royal Automobile Club Rally-winning 1960 96 with 841cc three-cylinder capable of 78hp, the fifth one is a restored 1967 fastback, one of the rare (just 258 built) original triple-carbureted three-cylinder, column-shift model 97 Sonett IIs, the sixth is a Cardinal Red 1978 99 Turbo which starred in David LaChance’s authoritative Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Buyer’s Guide, the seventh is an iconic 900 Turbo Convertible, the eighth is a special 1987 9000 Turbo, the ninth is 1980 Barber Saab Pro Series racer and the last one is the 1997 900 SE 2.0 Turbo, one of six “New Generation” 900s.

The cars are located in Sterling Heights, Michigan and will be sold without titles.