Saab delays to pay its 1500 workers for the 4th time image

For the fourth time this year, Saab Automobile is registering delays in paying monthly salaries towards the 1500 workers, as it is negotiating a possible deal with the Chinese companies Pang Da and Youngman and tres to avoid bankruptcy through a reorganization procedure.

Company’s spokesman Eric Geers said: “Paying salaries is our absolute highest priority, so it’s not good they’re being delayed. We’re looking at the full picture and aim to pay as soon as possible.”

Due to lack of money, Saab was forced to stop production in March. In September, the company avoided bankruptcy after it managed to start the reorganization procedure. In June and July, Saab paid salaries with one week delay and after that the salaries were covered through a governmental support which expired last week. The monthly salaries are totalizing $6.1 million including taxes.

But the company seems to be in an even dangerous positions, as the attorney that handles Saab reorganization case asked the District Court to cease the reorganization process, as Saab laks the needed cash. This decision is likely to be taken on Friday.