Saab fails to pay workers again! This may be the end. image

Again, Saab is unable to pay salaries. August’s wages for Saab’s blue-collar workers have been delayed, the carmaker’s Dutch owner Swedish Automobile said on Thursday.

The automaker, on Tuesday said workers’ August paychecks could be delayed due to a lack of funds, but that Saab Automobile was taking every necessary step to collect the funds in time.

“Unfortunately we don’t have any concrete solutions at the moment. We’re working intensely to solve this,” Saab Automobile spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs said Thursday.

The announcement also comes days after Saab’s parent company was forced to justify considerable pay hikes to its board members including a 633 percent pay raise to chairman Hans Hugenholtz.

Last week, Swedish authorities started seizing assets from the carmaker in an attempt to recover money owed to suppliers – a move that some see as a potential first step towards bankruptcy.

The situation of the automaker is extremely critical – production is halted since April due to unpaid bills. Saab’s two biggest unions said they’re likely to ask a court to put the cash-starved Swedish carmaker into bankruptcy in about two weeks unless salaries are paid by then. Before the filing starts, the auto unions will ensure all employees back the process and will ask Saab for the wages.
If the wages are not paid within seven days, the unions could take the issue to the local court to ask to put the company into bankruptcy.

Saab Automobile has about 3,600 employees. Blue-collar wages were due Thursday and white-collar wages are due Friday.