Saab is saying “No” to Frankfurt Motor Show image

With the production line stopped since March and huge financial problems, the Saab officials have decided not to attend this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, giving a simple explanation: “We prefer to use the money for something else”.

According to a Saab spokesman, the Swedish would rather use the money for paying their suppliers which would lead to the reopening of the Trollhattan assembly line.

“Although it is preferable that Saab will attend the Frankfurt Auto Show in order to highlight its global presence, we believe that this would not be a proper use of resources at this time”, as it is written in a statement of the Swedish car manufacturer.

Saab’s potential customers were driven away after the production of the Trollhattan plant ended this March because the auto maker ran out of money so the workers and suppliers weren’t paid anymore.

The Saab brand’s image was severely affected worldwide and the Swedish car manufacturer has a long way back.