Saab Museum Saved! Will stay in Trollhättan image

Autocar reports that the Saab museum collection in Trollhattan will remain in place. The city of Trollhattan, SAAB AB and The Wallenberg Foundation are reported to have paid around £2.6 million to secure the entire collection of 120 vehicles.

In addition, the running costs of the museum, will be handled by the city of Trollhättan and Västragötalandsregionen (regional government).

The collection represents nearly the entire history of the quirky automaker, from its very first car, the 92001 or Ursaab, to the sleek Aero-X concept from 2006 which features a fighter plane-inspired canopy, a tip of the hat to the company’s roots in the aircraft industry.

In other news, two active bidders are still hoping to buy up the Swedish company’s assets and put it back into business, including China’s Zhejiang Youngman Lotus and Turkish Brightwell Holdings.
Last time, GM has said it would be difficult to support a sale of Saab that hurts GM’s position in China and other key markets.

Without GM’s technology licenses and production contract, analysts have said, Saab would be unable to continue in its present form.

However, Saab’s PhoeniX platform relies very little on GM technology. But any buyer would have to invest heavily to complete the development of PhoeniX.

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