Saab Automobile Parts UK on Tuesday announced the introduction of a flexible warranty product called Saab Secure which will offer customers reassurance regarding their on-going Saab ownership.

Saab Secure, an insured warranty product administered independently by Momentum Warranties Ltd, offers Saab owners great value for money with up to five years cover priced from under £500 the company said.

In addition, Saab Secure can also be applied to Saab vehicles that are already outside the original manufacturer three year warranty period.

“Saab Secure is a very competitively priced warranty package that can be tailored to the individual requirements of owners, whether they are recent or historical purchasers.
In light of the continued uncertainty surrounding the new vehicle warranty, Saab Parts UK provides customers with an alternative solution for their warranty needs.”

For those owners who bought their new or used Saab with a complimentary free of charge servicing plan provided by Saab Great Britain Limited, Saab Parts UK is now pleased to confirm that these service plans will be honoured.

Swedish Automobile took over Saab from General Motors (GM) in 2010. GM still controls key technology used by Saab and maintains a say over any possible deals.


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