Saab Sale to National Electric Vehicle Sweden Postponed image

The sale of Saab to National Electric Vehicle Sweden was postponed due to rights and funding issues to the Saab name.

In June, National Electric Vehicle Sweden received the approval to buy a substantial part of Saab’s assets. NEVS is a is a consortium of Japanese, Swedish and Chinese stakeholders, and has agreed to buy Saab without the contentious Saab 9-5 technology. NEVS also announced it plans to build a new plant in Trollhattan to manufacture a range of electric vehicles, the first model being based on the current Saab 9-3 with an electric powertrain from Japan.

Maybe this was reason why the funding was delayed and the completion process, due to end last week, has been delayed. After GM and Spyker gave up their plans to acquire Saab because they couldn’t reach a common agreement, it appears that there are also some doubts regarding the rights to the automaker’s name.
NEVS can use the Saab name only if Scania and Airplane Company Saab AB agree to this. Currently, Saab AB cannot make up its mind, and Scania has already refused. So, it appears that the Saab saga is not over yet.