Saab won’t restart production on models left on the assembly line image

Plans to restart the Saab production lines and complete almost 100 part-built cars have been vetoed by workers’ unions, Autocar reports.

The last 100 are likely to have a lot of value for Saab aficionados and collectors in the future. It is a shame the next-generation 9-3 never got to see the light of day.

Although Saab is now officially bankrupt, the marque may live on, thanks to interest being expressed from both a Turkish consortium and the Indian car manufacturer Mahindra. It looks like the story of Saab may not quite be over yet.

However, as wonderful as it would be to see Saab back on the road we all ought to take a step back and realise just how far we have to go – first and foremost General Motors will probably have to approve the sale.
Is the GM likely to be ok with Mahindra having access to its inner workings? Or will we have to go through this whole debacle over and over again..?