Federal safety regulators are investigating 120, 000 2002-2007 BMW 7 Series ( E65 and E66 BMW 7-Series) vehicles over concerns the vehicles may roll away after being parked.

The BMW 7 Series sedans are those from the 2002–8 model years equipped with an electronic transmission shifter with a small gear selector mounted on the steering column. The shifter is designed to automatically shift the vehicle to park under a variety of conditions, including after the driver has pressed the ignition button to turn the engine off.

According to a Reuters report, the owner of a 2006 BMW 7 Series shut the engine off, exited the car, which then proceeded to roll away. The owner filed a complaint with the NHTSA, leading to the current investigation.

NHTSA said data from BMW include field reports describing additional rollaway incidents in similarly equipped 2002 through 2008 BMW 7-Series vehicles.

No cause to the problem has been found and no deaths or accidents have been reported.


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