While in America takes place the Los Angeles Auto Show all the way around the world another automotive even is also unfolding between 20 and 29 November – the 2015 Guangzhou Motor Show.

So we’re naturally covering all the novelties from there as well – the latest being the teaser picture for the upcoming new concept car Vision R coming from Roewe. These basic design illustrations should not be treated for granted as they regularly depict the initial design lines of upcoming models – meaning the actual Roewe Vision R concept that should have its official worldwide public unveiled come November 20 in Guangzhou might look slightly different. So, from the looks of it we’re treated here to a stylish two-door sports coupe with curvaceous lines and a sloping roofline. The front comes with a hulking radiator grille and elongated LED headlights, while the rear has a distinctive diffuser with twin exhaust pipes and C-shaped taillights.

The interior teaser has a more mysterious vibe and we can only see it will feature a 2+2 seating configuration – the infotainment system could be treated to a large display and the seats look sporty and ergonomically shaped. According to various report, the concept should be treated as a preview to the brand’s new design language as well as a heads-up for the new generation Roewe 750. The aging model was introduced back in 2006 and was based off the Rover 75, itself dating back to 1998.


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