Saleen back in business with S7 Le Mans special series image

The boutique supercar maker is now back in business and has decided to greet the supercar world with its new S7 LM, which is part of a limited edition continuation series.

Saleen Automotive has had a rough patch these past few years but is now looking ahead with the S7 LM limited edition, which is linked to the company’s final triumphant endeavor at Le Mans in 2010 – with just seven units planned to be manufactured at the brand’s headquarters in Corona, California. The first time we saw the original, naturally-aspirated S7 was years ago in 2000 – the model was followed by the more powerful S7 Twin Turbo after 2006. In the near future a continuation series is now coming to life, with each of the seven planned units costing no less than one million dollars. Saleen Automotive President and CEO, Steve Saleen, believes they are “bringing back America’s only true supercar” – with a huge biturbo 7.0-liter engine packing a mythical 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts).

The model has been previewed during the 20th Annual Saleen Show and Open House, with the S7 LM clad in exposed carbon fiber bodywork and also indulging in Saleen’s latest developments in suspension and electronics. Performance credentials remain a mystery, but the older S7 Twin Turbo had just 750 hp and still rocketed to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds.