The well-known aftermarket specialist has decided to make us fantasize about their latest arrival – the “30-Year Championship Commemorative Edition” that will arrive sooner rather than later.

The popular Ford Mustang tuner is not that well known internationally like Shelby, but we can all be sure the builds are just as spectacular and technically appraisable. All in all, this particular special edition is here to honor no less than three decades since Saleen’s race team took the 1987 Driver, Manufacturer, Team, and Tire SCCA ESCORT Endurance Championships. For the build, the Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter has been fixed with a supercharger to increase power to an astonishing 730 horsepower (544 kilowatts) – and there’s also a track version that’s blessed with even more – 750 hp (559 kW). Saleen’s partnership with General Tire has been renewed for this Black Label special edition and it includes a newly developed exhaust system and a competition shifter.

The racer loses the rear seats and gets instead a few extra perks – such as four-point harness, a four-point roll cage, and a beefier radiator — among others. The special-edition Mustang GT will use Saleen’s traditional white alloy wheels with General Tire performance G-MAX RS rubber. The body design has been adorned with a yellow, black, and white livery complete with General Tire branding and there’s also a Racecraft suspension kit with camber caster plates.



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