Sales: Audi global sales up 6.4 percent in May image

The Volkswagen group’s luxury brand, Audi Ag sold 137,200 vehicles worldwide in May, an increase of 6.4 percent compared to May 2012, the Ingolstadt based automaker said on Thursday.

China remains the largest market for Audi, where the Germans sold 42,140 vehicles – up 16.2 percent from 36,278 sold in May 2012. From January through May, Audi sold 183,660 units in China, for growth of 14.4 percent.

In the United States, Audi sold 13,228 premium vehicles, up 15 percent from a year ago – a record May and the third best month ever in the U.S.

Europe remains a difficult market not just for Audi but for almost every carmaker. Audi sold 65,500 vehicles in Europe, a decline of 3.4 percent compared to May 2012.
Britain ( + 19.3 percent to 11,952 units ) and Spain ( +0.5 percent to 3,333 units ) where the only two markets where Audi recorded an increase in sales.
In its home market, Germany, Audi sold 23,303 vehicles, down almost 8 percent from May 2012 when they sold 25,307 units.

In Russia the luxury carmaker continues to increase its sales to 3,151 units – an increase of 3.3 percent from 3,050 vehicles sold in May 2012.

Mexico, (where the company plans to produce 150,000 Q5 SUVs from 2016) the Germans sold 1,060 cars, an increase of almost 40 percent from only 758 units sold a year ago.