Sales of Non-Luxury Fullsize Cars Decline in Popularity image

A recent study made by shows that sales of non-luxury fullsize cars have decline in the past five years by more than half.

For the first quarter of this year the segment sales made up for 2.3% of all new vehicles sold globally, and the number of fullsize vehicles at dealerships fell from 15 five years ago to 7. The only fullsize models that remained on the market are the Charger, Impala, Taurus, Azera, Maxima and Avalon.

Among the reasons for this decrease are climbing gas prices, the popularity of the midsize cars, as well as changing times of course. Popularity has also declined for the Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria, and the once famous Pontiac and Mercury have been discontinued. The well-known Crown Victoria was used in police car fleets, but now it is being replaced by the modern Interceptor, better equipped and also offering better mileage.

On the other hand, sales of new midsize luxury vehicles have gone up, accounting for 16.7% of national sales, up 13.4% from five years ago. This increase is due to the avalanche of new products such as the Passat and Camri, and the upcoming Acord, Fusion, Malibu and Altima.