Samsung looking to take the innovation crown away from Tesla in electric car field image

The smallest and youngest publicly traded US automaker, Tesla Motors, has been around the automotive world buzz for years now – but they’re hardly the only ones leading the auto innovation in the field.

The company keeps pretty much everyone abuzz with announcements such as Tesla CEO’s Elon Musk saying he’s been hard at work testing personally the new auto pilot feature in his own Model S. He even suggested during the company’s annual shareholder meeting the technology for autonomous Teslas would be readily available in around three years. They also keep the news flowing with their Nevada battery “Gigafactory” or the approaching launch of the Model X sport utility vehicle. But practically every show that remotely has to do with technology is filled with automotive innovation – so experts believe everything is shaping up to a new revolution across the auto industry.

And while driverless cars are capturing our attention – when we’re not talking about Internet connected autos or the rumored Apple car – there’s one particular company that has by far and away the biggest and broadest collection of patents in the automotive field – which includes a major interest in batteries and fuel cells for the next generation of vehicles. We’re not seeing any rumors about a Samsung Galaxy automobile, but the South Koreans are the ones that registered last year alone a total of 632 auto patents. We could compare that to Google – which is delivering those autonomous pods – securing 147 auto patents last year, followed by Tesla with 101 and Apple with 78. Even Uber, which practically created a new business – car sharing – only filed 12 innovations. Samsung alone has almost double the total patent fillings of Google, Apple, Tesla and Uber together.

Via Forbes

  • CMCNestT .

    Uncommercialized patents mean nothing.

    GM has hundreds of phone books worth of useless unused patents.

    It is not how many patents you have but how much actually ground breaking technology the customer determines to be relevant you bring to the market.