Samsung SDI claims revolutionary EV battery image

Samsung SDI, one of the major battery specialists coming out of South Korea, has decided to pay a visit to the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, bringing to the public a new version of the well-known battery cell.

There’s a catch – Samsung is claiming something revolutionary. Their new battery should be capable of a range of up to 372 miles (600 kilometers) on a full charge, with the capacity for 310 miles (500 km) of travel reached in just 20 minutes on a fast charger. In addition, it trumps current packs with 10 percent fewer units and a 10 percent weight reduction. Getting in electric cars that drive for 600 kilometers without interruption and get almost a full charge of 500 km in just 20 minutes is something major for the automotive industry – but as always, there’s an asterisk – Samsung will only begin production of this new kind of battery in 2021.

This is not something overly spectacular since most of the global automakers that announced an onslaught of electric models aren’t getting them ready too soon – so we might see the new Samsung SDI battery pack in their vehicles when they launch or when they get the first mid life-cycle refresh. In addition, progress is made on a regular basis – just looking at the latest crop of start-ups like Faraday Future and Lucid Motors claiming better battery life than Tesla makes su a little more confident about the future of electric autos.