Satisfied owners write open letter to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk to recommend upgrades image

We’re usually treated to numerous instances of customers who make public – usually in a loud and violent manner – their dissent with the car they own. Bashing cars or treating them like goats happens all around the globe.

But how about a rare occurrence – a satisfied customer that chooses to make his approval public? Well that’s one for the headlines. Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder of Tesla Motors, who is also the company’s chief executive officer, tweeted an ad taken out in the Palo Alto Weekly by two Model S customers.

“Ad taken out in Palo Alto Daily by two Model S owners is right. Many of the suggestions will be implemented soon,” he commented.

Besides making him and the automaker automotive visionaries, in the spirit of fairness, they also gave him a bullet-point list of changes they believed the Model S needed. Besides comfort amenities, like a different placement for the cup holder or a bigger “Answer” space on the touchscreen dashboard, they also called for important safety features: blind-spot monitors, cross-traffic monitors or a voice-activated phone system.

“People are fascinated by my Tesla, and my wife’s Tesla,” wrote the two people. “Promotion of your cars to the general public could only have a positive effect, creating many additional enthusiastic Tesla owners.”

Also, they addressed one of the marketing weak spots of the company, asking Elon Musk to further increase brand awareness through advertising. So far, Tesla – after all a start-up company – relied on word-of-mouth and specialty reviews to increase its popularity among potential owners.