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When you get a new car or maybe you want to change the company where you have your car insurance, is very important to know that there are some ways to save money on car insurance.

Many people have car insurance cover yet never claim on their policies, and most people who drive carefully and don’t make a habit of making claims can find a saving on their car insurance in one way or another.
Course, one of the best ways to save money on car insurance is to have an excellent credit score.
However this type of way to save money works only if you don’t have incidents. Check your credit report before applying for new insurance and see if there are any ways your score can be improved as the savings are worth having.
But what you do when your credit score is high?

1. Driver Training Discounts.
Auto insurance companies offer discounts to those who take driver training courses. They offer driver training courses online and offline. Drivers can save on auto insurance premiums if a driver takes the initiative to take these courses. The certificate that is issued at the conclusion of the course is submitted to the insurance company. Consider that New York offers a nearly $40 yearly discount for taking a driving course every three years.

2. Multiple Car-Policy Discounts. Of course when you have multiple cars and you use only one company to insure all your cars then your company will offer some discounts. But keep in mind. You have to use only one company for all your cars to save money on car insurance. Also, if you already have a homeowners policy in place, contact the insurer and ask if they offer auto insurance.
3. Drive “low-profile” cars. Yes I know this is somehow difficult. But, if you drive cars that are not typically a target for thieves or radar guns, or if your car is not one found on the top 10 stolen cars, then most probably you will save money on car insurance.

3. Do you own a car with Special Equipment like gps traking, air bags, anti-lock brakes, or other safety equipment? Then talk with your car insurance broker, and ask him if he knows about this special equipment. Normally, the broker will offer you a proper discount.

4. Low millage Discounts. If you drive your car less that 7,500 miles per year then ask again your broker to offer you a ‘save money on car insurance’ discount. Many insurance companies will give consumers a rate reduction if it is found that they drive fewer than 7,500 miles per year, and that those rate reductions tend to average out to be between 12 percent to 18 percent.

5. Are you a engineer or a teacher?
There are many discounts available to teachers that are offered by insurance companies due to the nature of their profession. As a teacher or engineer, insurance companies could offer you car insurance with discounts because there is less risk associated with the nature of your profession.
Here are only 5 ways to save money on car insurance. We will continue to publish ways to save money on car insurance next week.