Say goodbye to the last Dodge Viper image

The final Dodge Viper has been taken off the line at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant on August 17, with Instagram photos from FCA’s Ralph Gilles coming as a last-moment silent homage.

The model seems to have gone out without a bang, which is ironic considering the type of hype it produced back in 1989 when the concept arrived and then again in 1992 when the series model were introduced. At the 1989 North American International Auto Show in Detroit virtually nobody expected the Dodge Viper concept – with side pipes, massive V10, no roof, no AC, no windows – to be put in production. It did come to life as the original R/T-10, then evolved into the GTS Coupe in 1996 and established itself as a proper supercar in 2003 with the arrival of the third-generation SRT-10.

There are still many that see the Viper as an untamed snake – with a low-tech engine approach that has nothing to do with finesse and all with snap-your-neck if you don’t manhandle. Yet, the Viper ACR has set and held numerous lap records at tracks across America. A crowdfunded Viper enthusiast team even took two of the last examples to the Green Hell, with a time of 7:03.45 establishing the fastest American production car lap of the Nordschleife. Fittingly, it seems the final example – a red one – to come out the assembly line will be hosted by the company in its own heritage collection.

Via Ralph Gilles Instagram