Just in time to celebrate Independence Day, the first example of the classic supermini came off the production line no less than six decades ago – on July 4th, 1957.

That was the moment another automotive icon was born – the original 500 hatchback. Six decades later, unlike other automotive legends, the Fiat 500 lives on in its modern reincarnation, with the company taking care of celebrations for the oldie. The original Fiat 500 had a first production run of no less than four million examples, turning the car into one of the top selling models all time. No less than 400,000 units of the original run are still going up and down roads today.

Say “Happy Birthday” to the original Fiat 500 4

In total, Fiat has already delivered in excess of six millions examples of the 500, when we consider the reborn model, which appeared quite some time ago – back in 2007. “Few cars can claim to have made the same impression on popular culture and even fewer still have continued to inspire others and imbue passion for six decades,” comments Ashley Andrew, Managing Director of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Great Britain. Today you can have the 500 from the entry-level Pop trim to the sporty and feisty Abarth-branded versions.


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