Say what? Batman Shooter had 30 homemade grenades, gasoline image

The Colorado shooting suspect that killed 12 and injured dozens at the packed premiere of a Batman movie booby-trapped his apartment with more than 30 homemade grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline, CNN reports.

Holmes’ apartment appears to have three types of explosives – jars filled with accelerants, chemicals that would explode when mixed together and more than 30 ‘improvised grenades,’ the official said.

Aurora Chief of Police Dan Oates expressed that the apartment’s explosives and connecting wires were set up in such a way that they were designed to kill anyone who attempted entry.

‘What we’re seeing here is evidence of some calculation and deliberation,’ Oates added.
Federal authorities disarmed one explosive inside the suburban apartment with a “water shot,” a device that emits a shock wave and water. Police said earlier they had “defeated” another explosive connected to a trip wire.

Building residents who were evacuated after the shooting are being allowed to retrieve personal items from their apartments, but Youngquist-Lucy could not say when it would be safe enough for them to move back home.
Holmes made his first court appearance Monday.

He said nothing in the courtroom and spent much of the hearing looking down, his head drooping at times. He demeanor ranged from a glassy bug-eyed stare to appearing to be nodding off.

Holmes’ appearance raised questions among some observers about his mental competency.