Say What? Nissan Leaf rated at 99 mpg image

The Nissan Leaf electric car will get the equivalent of 99 miles per gallon according to its official EPA fuel economy label rating.

“We’re pleased the label clearly demonstrates the Nissan Leaf to be a best-in-class option,” said Scott Becker, senior vice president of finance and administration for Nissan in the Americas. “The label provides consumers with a tool to compare alternative-fuel vehicles to those with a traditional internal combustion engine.”

The automaker said Monday the Environmental Protection Agency’s fuel efficiency window sticker, which provides information about the car’s energy use, would estimate the electric car will achieve the equivalent of 106 mpg in city driving and 92 mpg on the highway.


EPA estimates that the Leaf can travel 73 miles on a fully charged battery and cost $561 a year in electric costs.

Nissan will official start selling the Leaf in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Tennessee in December. Sales of the car for the rest of the country are expected to start in 2011 with Texas and Hawaii getting the EV next.