Sbarro React E.V. Concept announced for Geneva image

Sbarro has recently announced its plans to introduce the React E.V. Concept during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, next week, in a premiere.

According to the car company, the Sbarro React E.V. Concept has been developed by ESPERA Sbarro students and the model is the second one to be unveiled in Geneva, after a year ago, during the same automotive event, Sbaro has pulled the wraps off the Delphi Sbarro F1for3 Concept.

“Last year we introduced our first electric car called ‘Intencity’ at the Geneva International MotorShow. This year, the ESPERA Sbarro students are proud to present a new challenge: a hybrid car. 30 Students and 13 weeks later, the REACT’E.V. concept (E.V. standing for Ecologic Vehicle) reflects the savoir-faire within the school and the University of Technology”, as the company is saying in its official press release

The Sbarro React E.V. Concept is powered by a V6 engine, made by PSA, which is producing a total output of 210 HP (156 kW), mated with two electric motors, each of them generating 134 HP (100 kW) and a 24 kWh battery. The model has all-wheel drive, with the internal combustion engine powering the rear wheels and the electric motors the front ones. A five-speed manual transmission is transmitting the power to the wheels. Additional details on the model are limited for the moment and will probably be announced in Geneva.

Source: ESPERA Sbarro